Why 'getting found' on Google is so important for small businesses

Why 'getting found' on Google is so important for small businesses

For a small business that lacks brand recognition, "getting found" is a best bet for attracting new customers.

It's no secret that consumers use search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to find local businesses. One survey reported that number is as high has 85%. The same survey (conducted by Search Engine Land), showed that consumers were just as likely to turn to the Internet to find local businesses as they were ask for personal recommendations.

Web marketing is a numbers game. "Getting found" means increasing the likelihood that someone doing a keyword search will stumble across your website. Business owners must have a web marketing strategy that ensures their website is "getting found."

Search Engine Rankings

The higher your small business website appears on a search engine result page, the better your chances are of "getting found" by potential customers. One study (conducted by Search Engine Watch) revealed the first organic result of a Google search garnered more than 36% of clicks through to the website. From there the click-through rate plummets, and anything beyond the first page of Google results has a click-through rate of less than 3%.

Search engine rankings are not permanent. A small business owner can improve her site's rankings for particular keywords and phrases over time by implementing a web marketing strategy that incorporates an active blog and social network as well as a consistent email campaign.


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